Our purpose is to identify, train and inspire upcoming running talent in middle and long distance running. We aim to form a coalition of global a running community that educates, supports, accommodates individuals of all age groups, all backgrounds, abilities, and preferences for both male and female. The club also plans to include other events in the future. Ultimately, CanKen Sports Club looks to bring everyone into a global running village.

Importantly, we aspire to inspire, nurture talent and skill with the community of nations, organizations, charities, and partners by investing in youth development through high performance, physical fitness and healthy lifestyle, and participation for all individuals.

Our training program is flexible, tailored to individuals and groups to provide strategies and techniques that promote a competitive environment. All upcoming runners are given individual attention to accommodate inclusivity that gives them the support they need to succeed in their running careers.

Thus, they will eventually, build confidence, an attribute they will carry throughout their lifestyles, fitness, and beyond. We teach values such as self-discipline, teamwork, perseverance, and respect that known to impact an individual positively in the daily lives.

So, if you are a starter in whatever age category or background, CanKen Sports Club will help you reach your potential to get in shape and being healthy.

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