KidFit Training

KidFit Our mission is the commitment to nurture kids and help them achieve their athletic potential. Through our routine exercises, individualized skill assessment, specialized workouts, and aerobic activities, kids can surprise themselves in the end. We believe that beginning training and fitness early is an important component to help kids develop an interest in the sporting activity.

The KidFit program comprises of specialized coaches for beginners and professionals who educate them on the importance of building a healthy self-esteem while getting fit and having fun. Our staff trains the mind, the body and connects them both through sporting activities that are performed in a simple and professional matter. Strength training provides health and fitness benefits to the body. We focus on proper techniques, and safety through controlled movements. These techniques help increase muscle, and endurance strength and prevent injuries while increasing performance. The training also enhances the strength in bones, maintain healthy weight and improve self-esteem. The KidFit training is primarily a learning activity and does not involve competitions, and is solely a developmental program that is all inclusive.

At CanKen, we will help and provide opportunities for the kids to move, become active and have fun. In the end, they will take control of their routines and become athletic stars.

Join The Foundation Home of Future Champions.

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